Used Equipment

Drive-in pallet rack functions by allowing the forklift operator to enter the racking system from one side in order to store or pick out pallets.  This type of rack is typically subjected to more physical damage from forklifts, but can optimize space effectively.  Drive-in rack requires fewer aisles, which allows for more pallets to be stored in a given amount of space.

 At Storage Solutions, we have some great used drive-in pallet rack available. Due to a constantly changing supply of inventory and the specifics of our products this item is not currently listed, please contact us or call 866.474.2001 for more information on this item. Our online sales team will make sure you find just what you are looking for, and can help you save money by purchasing used! If you would like to be contacted by a Storage Solutions team member, fill out our contact us form or you can request a quote online. We are constantly updating our inventory and making additional items available regularly.