This project, located in Central Indiana, was about maximizing warehouse space for efficient storage & distribution of retail products & parts.   Storage Solutions combined pick modules and pallet rack to create a highly-effective operation for their customer.

Total Project:

Pick Modules:

  • 3 Pick Module Structures with 885 2-Deep Pallet Flow Lanes, 1156 15” Carton Flow Lanes and 6892 9” Carton Flow Lanes
  • 501 Sections of Bin Shelving with 8 levels
  • All flooring finished with Resindek and Roof Deck to custom fit around Conveyor in center of Pick Mods
  • Sprinkler And Lighting Provided
  • Trash Chutes Provided In Each Module


  • (1920) Bays of 108”W x 48”D x 360”H of Selective and Tire Rack
  • 2016 Uprights, 24000 Beams and Decks, Column Protectors
  • Sprinklers installed in Tire Racks to FM Global Specs
  • 13800 Linear Feet of Wire Guidance Installed for Fork Trucks