• Can you help me optimize my cube space in my facility?

    We’d love to help out, and with more than 100 years of collective experience on our team, we will help you get the most out of your warehouse or distribution center.

    See how we integrate supply and service or contact us to get started.

    CATEGORIES: Design Services

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  • Do you do business outside the Midwest?

    Yes, in the past two years we have done business in 38 U.S. states, as well as in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

    CATEGORIES: Design Services

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  • Do you do your own installation?

    Yes, we have an experienced crew of over 40 installers and crew leaders.

    CATEGORIES: Project Management

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  • Do you offer leasing options?

    We offer various lease options, including:

    • Fair Market Value
    • $1 buyout
    • 10% PUT (Payment Upon Termination)

    We can also put a leasing program in place to meet special needs, such as step payments or deferred payments. We’re happy to extend leasing terms no matter the size of the project.

    Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can structure a solution to meet your unique needs.

    CATEGORIES: Pricing

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  • Do you sell retail display, such as slatwall or gondola shelving?

    No, we primarily deal in industrial products & heavy duty “back room” commercial products. If you like, we can refer you to someone for these types of products.

    CATEGORIES: Products

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  • I have a facility that will be closing soon. Do I have to tear everything down to have you buy it?

    We actually prefer to take it down for you, and most of our customers prefer it that way, too. We have our own warehouse installation crews and use specific banding procedures. Our teardown crews are usually included as a part of the offer we will make you for your used equipment.

    However, if your equipment is already dismantled, we’re happy to pick it up and buy it from you. Talk to one of our used equipment specialists to see how easy it could be to sell your used pallet rack or other material handling equipment.

    CATEGORIES: Delivery, Design Services

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  • What is your lead time?

    Lead times vary from project to project based on a large number of factors.

    For new equipment, we prefer n weeks, but it’s best to contact a specialist for a free, no-obligation quote to get a good idea of how quickly we can get your order.

    For used equipment, we stock one of the nation’s largest inventories, so we typically can turn around an order pretty quickly. If we don’t have what you need in stock, our used equipment specialists can source what you need, but lead times will be subject to availability.

    CATEGORIES: Delivery

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  • What size aisle will I need for my fork truck?

    It’s best to contact us to discuss your specific project to get a true answer for your needs. In general, we follow these rules of thumb:

    Lift Equipment

    Minimum Clear Aisle

    Sit Down Counterbalanced Lift


    Stand-Up Reach Lift


    Stand-Up Double Reach Lift


    Turret Truck with 180° Swing Mast

    6′-6" to 4′-6" depending on lift height

    Narrow Aisle Order Picker

    6′-6" to 4′-0" depending on lift height

    Wave Order Picker


    CATEGORIES: Safety

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  • Will you buy my old equipment?

    Absolutely! If it is in good condition, with no rust we will make you an offer for your used equipment.

    CATEGORIES: Delivery, Used Equipment

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