Integrated Warehouse Project Services

The Right Result, Every Time, With No Surprises.

If you’re trying to outfit hundreds of thousands of square feet anew, or just trying to fine-tune your pick process for maximum speed, we deliver more than the materials you need, we deliver the right result.

If you’ve moved into a new warehouse space, or if you’re currently in the process of planning the project, you know how much it takes to get things done right. The last thing you need is another vendor to manage; you need someone who can help you take control of the moving pieces.

Storage Solutions is a full service provider, delivering your entire project, with the flexibility to meet your needs.

We start by working with you, to understand your project and the pieces that you have firmly in place. Then, our project managers will assess your project needs, including design, delivery and unloading, permits, installation and safety equipment. Then, Storage Solutions will address your project needs, helping you manage only the pieces you need.

The efficiencies created by integrating supply and service means your project will be delivered on time and budget. More importantly, it means that Storage Solutions customers can rest assured that their project will be a success, with no surprises along the way.


Whether you’re optimizing a few thousand square feet, or a few million, translating your vision into a real plan takes time and a lot of skill. Our in-house CAD experts can help you get it done.

Project Management

You need a project that goes according to plan, but managing a group of vendors who are only individually responsible for a small piece of the puzzle makes it tough.


Our team can help you start some proactive safety discussions to assist with protecting employees in a productive environment.

Warehouse Teardown

Emptying your warehouse space can be just as time-consuming and difficult as building out new space. Storage Solutions makes it easy.

Equipment Delivery

So why rely on yet another vendor to make sure your equipment is delivered on time? That’s why Storage Solutions takes an integrated supply and service approach with every client.


Storage Solutions integrates supply and service with the best installation crews in the business. We employ our very own teams that have worked together for years and average nearly a decade of installation expertise per team member.