96" Teardrop Style Pallet Rack New Beam


A 96″ long pallet rack new beam with a teardrop style connection. A steel cross member engineered to support pallets and product. Two cross members attach to an upright or frame to form a bay. The capacity of a beam depends on the total beam thickness. The most industry standard beam is a 96″x4″ beam. The most common types of beams are roll form and structural.


Height / Approximate Capacity:

  • 3″ / approx 3,000 lbs. / beam level
  • 4″ / approx 5,000 lbs. / beam level
  • 5″ / approx 7,000 lbs. / beam level
  • 6″ / approx 9,000 lbs. / beam level

Color varies based on need and available inventory.