Find The Savings You’re Looking For

Looking for a smart way to reduce costs on your next project? Used equipment may be your answer, but how can you definitively find what you’re looking for and count on it standing up over time? Count on Storage Solutions.

The Largest Inventory So You Can Find What You Need

At Storage Solutions, we know how hard it can be to find the used equipment you’re looking for. Variations in connection types, sizes, steps and even color can make it tough to get exactly what you need. That’s why we maintain a 350,000 sq. ft. facility, full of used equipment, so that you can rest assured we’re your best chance at finding what you need.

We Hand-Inspect Every Item So You Can Rely On The Quality

Buying used equipment doesn’t really save money if it needs to be replaced. That’s why we hand inspect each item we buy and make sure that it’s fit for use. We’ve created quality guidelines for each component of pallet rack and other used warehouse equipment, and we’re uncompromising in our control process. If we buy it and it doesn’t pass inspection, you won’t find it in our inventory, that goes for each and every beam, upright, deck, bin or anything else we offer.

We Maintain Our Inventory So It’s Always In Top Condition

After each item passes inspection, we store it inside a climate-controlled facility. That protects it from the elements, it means it won’t deteriorate over time, and it allows us to buy and store less common equipment or connection types, because we know that it will serve our customers’ future needs.

Our Expert Team Members Make Sure You Get The Right Result

Used equipment is a great way to save money on your project, but that doesn’t mean you want to cut corners. Our expert team members will manage the selection, delivery and installation of your used pallet rack, and our project managers will even make sure that you have the right permits and safety equipment so everything goes off without a hitch.

Talk to a used equipment specialist today to see what kind of savings you can get from Storage Solutions.